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Not all Residential Document Shredding Service Companies are the same! When you are looking for a service alternative, you need to hire the best document shredding service company that is not only trusted for decades, you need to ensure that they are compliant with the latest HIPAA rules and regulations. Personal Paper shredders are useless, they often overheat and are not designed to handle a large volume of paper at once. Their cost is no longer justified when you compare it to a residential paper shredding service like Neighborhood Parcel where you pay a flat rate of 89¢ /Lbs!

Shred with Confidence: Discover the Unmatched Security and Value of Neighborhood Parcel’s Residential Shredding Services

Neighborhood Parcel offers you peace of mind at some of the lowest rates in the area. Get the same security banks and big corporations receive at a fraction of the cost! Here are some things to keep in mind:

Residential Shredding Service Features

  • One Low Flat Rate of 89¢ /Lbs.
  • No Minimums.
  • No Contracts.
  • No Hidden Fees.
  • Same-day shredding service.
  • HIPAA Compliant.
  • 100% Recycling.
  • A+ Rated Service Plant.
  • A+ BBB Rating for over a decade.
  • Strongest Chain Of Custody for your Medical and Financial Records.
  • Medical PHI Media Destruction Service.
  • Convenient Drop-Off Location In Tewksbury, MA.

For over a decade, we have listened to our clients and designed a service portfolio around their needs. Neighborhood Parcel is a unique concept that offers area residents and local businesses in Metro Boston, MA and Southern New Hampshire an opportunity to maintain their document security and stay within their budget. You can select the very popular drop-off service where you can eliminate up to 60% of the cost by eliminating the trucking surcharges. For a large quantity, select our Off-site shredding service plan, where we send our truck to haul all your material for same-day service. Get a free service quote today or Call Us at (978)636-0301.

Best Shredder In Lowell MA

Discover the Best in Residential Document Shredding Services – Secure, Compliant, and Affordable

In the digital age, where personal information is as precious as gold, safeguarding your private documents is crucial. When it comes to destroying sensitive papers, not all residential document shredding services are created equal. This is where the expertise of Neighborhood Parcel comes into play, a service that has been trusted for decades and is fully compliant with the latest HIPAA rules and regulations.

Why Choose a Professional Shredding Service Over Personal Paper Shredders?

In a recent consumer survey, many individuals expressed frustration with personal paper shredders. These devices often overheat, jam, and can’t handle large volumes of paper. This not only leads to inefficiency but also poses a risk to your personal data security. Furthermore, the cost of buying, maintaining, and eventually replacing personal shredders can be surprisingly high.

Professional shredding services like Neighborhood Parcel provide a stark contrast. Equipped with industrial-grade shredders, they can efficiently handle large volumes of paper, ensuring that your confidential documents are destroyed beyond recovery. This process significantly reduces the risk of data breaches, a concern that is ever-present in our connected world.

The Neighborhood Parcel Advantage: Secure, Compliant, and Economical Shredding

Neighborhood Parcel has established itself as a leader in the document shredding industry. Unlike smaller, personal shredders, their powerful machines ensure that your documents are shredded to an irrecoverable state. This level of security is vital, especially when disposing of documents containing sensitive information.

One of the most significant advantages of using Neighborhood Parcel is its compliance with stringent HIPAA regulations. This compliance ensures that your personal medical records, financial statements, and other sensitive documents are handled and destroyed following the highest standards of privacy and security.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Neighborhood Parcel’s service is its affordability. With a flat rate of just 89¢ per pound, it stands as a cost-effective solution for all your document shredding needs. This transparent pricing model is especially beneficial for those who need to shred large volumes of paper, offering a more economical alternative to personal shredders.


Choosing the right document shredding service is vital for protecting your personal information. Neighborhood Parcel offers a secure, compliant, and affordable solution that outshines personal paper shredders in every aspect. Their commitment to customer privacy, combined with their competitive pricing, makes them an unbeatable option for residential document shredding services.

In a world where data security is paramount, entrusting your sensitive documents to Neighborhood Parcel ensures that your private information stays just that – private. With Neighborhood Parcel, you can rest easy knowing that your documents are in safe hands, shredded and disposed of with the utmost security and care.

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