Apostille Service In New Hampshire

New Hampshire Apostille Service

Are you looking for an Apostille service near me in Portsmouth NH? Apostille Service in New Hampshire. Get your Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Cori Checks, FBI Criminal Background Reports, College Degrees, Power Of Attorney, and Business Contracts Apostilled in Nashua, Salem, Portsmouth, Concord, Plaistow, Derry, NH.

“I was looking for someone to apostille my marriage certificate near Portsmouth NH and I am glad I found you. Kerri was very helpful, she answered all of my questions and I got my documents done in time for my Visa Application. I highly recommend this Service to anyone in New Hampshire.”

Dr. Eric Santos Portsmouth NH

New Hampshire Apostille Service

New Hampshire Apostille Service

We are a locally owned and operated business since 2007, unlike the other out-of-state companies that you will find advertising the same apostille service but never delivering! A brick-and-mortar business in Southern New Hampshire and minutes from the border that you can visit and trust with your vital records and information. It is a way to authenticate the seals and signatures of personal documents such as birth certificates, Power Of Attorney, FBI Background reports, and school transcripts; as well as business documents such as an Article of Incorporation.

Whether you need an apostille or to have your documents legalized depends on your destination country. But don’t worry if you are unsure how to proceed, we have worked with almost every country and can quickly and easily apostille or legalize your documents.

Obtaining a New Hampshire Apostille

It is certainly possible to obtain the service on your own in New Hampshire, but it is a lot of work and hassle to do so in addition to the waste of time in travel and added travel expenses. You must work with the proper state offices; plus you may also need to contact the embassy or consulate as well if needed. We will contact the proper state and federal offices – and have your documents back to you in a matter of days or simply forward the document directly where they need to go.

Marriage Certificate apostille service in Massachusetts

Apostille Service You Can Trust In Massachusetts & New Hampshire!

We go beyond the New Hampshire apostille service processing. Before we even get started, we will review all your documents free of charge to ensure they are correctly filled out and will be accepted for apostille. We are also able to have the documents and apostille professionally translated into the language of your destination country.

Our New Hampshire apostille process is simple, stress-free, and will exceed your expectations; we guarantee it. We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and will handle your documents with great care to ensure their safe return to you either in person or through our courier service.


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3 reviews for “Apostille Service In New Hampshire

  1. Becky Umi

    I usually dont warite reviews but this company went above and beyond in helping me get my Birth certificate from Nashua NH and apostilled it in 3 days! I was against a deadline and they helped me get it done with time to spare! If you live in New Hampshire, this is the service you need to get this complex process done correctly without dumping a lot of money or wasting your time. Give them a call, you wont regret it.

    Becky Umi

  2. Kim Santori

    I recommend this service for Apostille of FBI report, they have an office in Mass where you can expedite the application process. They are nice and know what they are doing.

    Kim Santori

  3. Lori Daniels

    A+ service. They were local and I did not want to trust my documents to some online business that only has a website. This company has a physical office in Mass and been in business since 2007, so trust is a big selling factor.

    Lori Daniels

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