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Gardner MA Document Shredding Service just got easier! Put your shredders aside and call the pros at Neighborhood Parcel where they specialize in Residential document shredding and Medical Files and X-ray destruction service. Neighborhood Parcel is a certified document destruction company servicing all of Gardner and Leominster MA. Our secure document shredding services are performed according to stringent Federal and State guidelines. Your materials remain safe and secure from pick up to final destruction. If you would like to learn more about why you should trust your personal documents to us, feel free to research our company reputation online. We’ll be happy to tell you how our bins, trucks, employees, and operations make us the preferred solution for your secure document destruction.

Document Shredding In Gardner Got Easier

Neighborhood Parcel served the Gardner MA area for over a decade, making house calls and serving local medical firms, and helping them protect their client’s data and comply with HIPAA’s latest requirements. We offer secure shredding service for rates as low as 89¢ /Lbs

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Gardner and Leominster MA Area residents can take advantage of our convenient drop-off service. Save even more when you bring your documents to our office near Gardner MA. Eliminate transportation charges, fuel surcharge fees and pay as low as 89¢ /Lbs plus taxes. Drop-off shredding service can save you up to 45% over on-site shredding service. You simply bring your documents to our secure facility in Tewksbury MA and we will do the rest

More About The City Of Gardner MA

Named in honor of Thomas Gardner, the land was first settled by Europeans in 1764 and was officially incorporated as a town in 1785, after receiving land grants from the surrounding towns of Ashburnham, Templeton, Westminster, and Winchendon.  In circa 1805, Gardner became a center for lumber and furniture industries, and is now known as “The Chair City” and “The Furniture Capital of New England”, due to its long history of production in that industry.[6] By 1910, there were twenty chair factories, which produced four million chairs per year. It was also noted for silversmithing. The Gardner State Hospital pioneered the use of cottage residences.

In 1922, the seal of Gardner was designed by the native-born illustrator Harrison Cady. According to city code, the seal portrays Thomas Gardner standing in front of Crystal Lake with Mount Monadnock in the distance. Within five smaller circles there is a chair, representing the importance of the furniture industry to city economy, as well as the letters W, W, A, and T, representing the surrounding towns of Westminster, Winchendon, Ashburnham, and Templeton, which all contributed land to the city at its founding.[7][8] Gardner was incorporated as a city in 1923.

Gardner is the birthplace of the Heywood-Wakefield Company, dating from 1826 when the five Heywood brothers, Walter, Levi, Seth, Benjamin, and William, began to fashion wooden chairs and furniture in a barn near their family farm. In the early years, Walter fashioned chairs by hand, also using a foot lathe. He was soon joined by Levi and Benjamin on a part-time basis, while running a nearby country store. In 1831, Levi moved to Boston, where he established an outlet store to sell the chairs, while Benjamin and William remained in Gardner to manufacture them. A fire destroyed their chair shop in 1834. A year later, the partnership of B. F. Heywood and Company was formed, composed of Benjamin, Walter, and William, as well as Moses Wood and James Gates. Gardner was also the home of the Conant Ball Company. Nichols and Stone Chair Company traces their origin to 1762 in Westminster, Massachusetts. The company moved to Gardner at the turn of the twentieth century. As of July 2008, it was announced production would terminate. The name, intellectual property, and the design rights were purchased by L. and J.G. Stickley of Manlius, New York.

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