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If you live in and around Fitchburg MA and need an easy, affordable way to shred your personal and business documents? You need to give us a call at 978-636-0301. We provide secure document shredding and media destruction services for clients all over Fitchburg Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. With our secure Off-site Document Shredding and Drop-off Service options, you can be confident that your sensitive business information is securely disposed of accordingly.

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Unlike the other giant corporations in Massachusetts and out of state, we are locally owned and operated Small businesses, you see our trucks and our staff in the neighborhood, and we have a very low overhead that allows us to offer you the cheapest shredding service rates that will put your shredder to shame! Our company is A+ Rated by the Boston Better Business Bureau, we have had ZERO data breaches for over a decade and most importantly, we only charge 89¢ /Lbs plus tax for shredding!

As a security company in Fitchburg MA, it is my responsibility to take care of the document shredding and the media destruction of old computers in my office, as a result, I have direct contact with this shredding company and call to schedule all the pickups. With my previous company, I had to schedule the pickups at least two weeks out which required some very careful planning. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Neighborhood Parcel Document Shredders could and would respond within a few days of my call and in most cases, the shredding is done the next day. This company truck always shows up when they say they will be there. A++ For service”

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Contact The Service Provider Using Our Secure Portal. We do not resell your data and your information is secure through our encryption software. Boston Business Page Is Proud to host hand-picked small businesses that share our commitment to transparency and accountability.

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