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Neighborhood Parcel is your nearest International shipping center, offering express shipping services to over 220 worldwide destinations, from Cambodia, China, and Japan in Asia to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, and Egypt in the Middle East. From Canada to Latin America: Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, and Columbia. DHL has the fastest transit time to these destinations.

DHL International Shipping Services

Neighborhood Parcel has been shipping customers’ packages via DHL for over a decade and has been the shipping center of choice. We processed thousands of packages for shipping worldwide throughout the years without any problems. Packages arrive at their destinations on time and without any delays. We have been serving: Andover, Billerica, Chelmsford, Dracut, Haverhill, Methuen, Lawrence, Lowell, Reading, North Reading, Stoneham, Wilmington, and Tewksbury MA for over a decade and can help you process your next International Shipment quickly while saving you 10 to 40% off. DHL Express is a division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post, providing international express mail services. Deutsche Post is the world’s largest logistics company operating around the world, particularly by sea and airmail.

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At Neighborhood Parcel, we understand the ins and outs of international shipping service, especially when it comes to dealing with international customs, export regulations, rules and tariffs. Let us handle the details. We’re conveniently located in your neighborhood and want to help simplify the international shipping process. Whether you’re sending something to Canada, Europe, Asia, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Latin America, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ivory Coast, or Africa, we’re here to help!

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  1. Mike Kuri

    DHL is a bit expensive but it is worth it. Neighborhood Parcel is the place to use for additional discounts and packaging assistance. I tried and was very confusing, the driver never showed up and when he did he told me to redo the paperwork. So I canceled the shipment and went to Neighborhood Parcel office in Tewksbury MA. They helped me repackage my gifts and end up saving me over $50! I highly recommend them for all international shipping service to Africa.

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