Business Network Events

Hosting a Business Mixer:

The purpose of the Business Mixer is to provide networking opportunities to business representatives to build business relationships and to make new contacts to expand marketing venues. The BNBA (Boston North Business Association) Association will coordinate and promote the event to encourage 30-60 business people to attend. The Host will have the opportunity to showcase their company, make a good impression to the business community, demonstrate Products and services and invite clients and employees to the event.

Benefits of Hosting a Mixer:

  • Company logo recognition as Event Host on the Association website, Facebook and Linkedin.
  • Company logo and link recognition as Event Host on the Association’s extensive email advertising campaigns.
  • Opportunity for two-minute presentation from podium at your mixer.
  • Opportunity to Attract new clients.
  • Tabletop display in a prominent, high-visibility location at the event.
  • Talk directly to local Businesses and Decision makers.

As a Business Mixer Host you will be responsible for the followings:

  • Provide the location, visible from the roadway, large enough for 6 tables, registration area, place for coats and standing room for 30-60* people.
  • Provide hors d’oeuvres, hot/cold, easy to cut foods for 30-60* people.
  • Provide free beverages for 30-60* people – preferably beer, wine, soda and water.
  • Provide a door prize when possible.
  • Provide pedestrian safe, easy access and free parking for 20-40 vehicles
  • Invite his/her business associates at member rate.
  • Promote the event via his/her business contacts/clients/prospective clients, poster in location.
  • Designate a spokesperson to give a 2 minute welcome talk and could introduce some company personnel.
  • Provide a long registration table(s) with 1-2* chairs.
  • Be Marketing Partner by promoting the event to clients and potential clients The Association will Establish the business mixer schedule 1 to 3 months in advance.
  • Will coordinate and cosponsor with other area Chambers whenever possible.
  • Work with the host to establish a theme for the event.
  • Encourage guests to bring door prizes of $20 minimum value.