Everyone who owns a business knows the importance of advertising and is aware of the costs. It’s also important to use the right medium: print, web, radio, tv or social media…to name the most obvious. So here’s one everyone sees on a daily basis but few use or are aware of how little it costs.Ed-Plumber

To put lettering on your vehicle is fast, inexpensive and convenient (we do all the work). One color to do 2 doors and the back of a car or suv is about $100 – $150. The layout can be done and changed within a few hours, prepping the vinyl takes a couple of days and the install is less than an hour. Where else can you advertise in every town you drive in every day of the week for that cost? Remember it is not a weekly, monthly or even a yearly cost. It is a ONE time cost. If you take care if the lettering like you take care of the finish on your car (very little work right?) you will get 5 – 8 years out of it.

Then of course there are the wraps i blogged about. You can drive a billboard for $15 a square foot. Check out the cost of a real billboard or those driving billboards (you know the ones…looks like a box on the back of a flatbed truck). Expensive and time limited. I am always amazed at the number of people who call because they saw our truck (or our blogs!). It’s really flattering actually.

There are some rules set by the state, that have to be followed. They are not difficult or expensive and remember any expense is a write off for your business. The rules can be kind of ambiguous and there are some choices that are yours to make.

If this is something you have been thinking about but never knew where to begin or what the costs were, give us a call. We would be happy to walk you through it. After all..it doesn’t cost anything to ask.