Terms Of Agreement

Our Terms Of Use

Service agreement for business listings in our Business directory,, outlines the terms and conditions under which businesses agree to be listed in the directory and the services that the directory provides. Here is an example of a detailed service agreement for business listings in a directory:

  1. Scope of services: The directory agrees to provide businesses with a listing in the directory and to include the business’s contact information, website, and any other relevant details as provided by the business. The directory may also offer additional services such as advertising or lead generation, which will be outlined in separate agreements.
  2. Fees: The directory may charge a fee for its services. Fees will be clearly outlined in the service agreement and may be based on the length of time that the business wishes to be listed in the directory, the level of visibility or prominence desired, or the services being provided.
  3. Changes to the directory: The directory reserves the right to make changes to the directory and its services at any time. This may include changes to the layout, design, or content of the directory, as well as the addition or removal of features or services.
  4. Termination: The service agreement will outline the terms under which either party may terminate the agreement. This may include provisions for early termination or fees for early termination.
  5. Dispute resolution: The service agreement will outline the process for resolving any disputes that may arise between the directory and the business. This may include provisions for mediation or arbitration.
  6. Governing law: The service agreement will specify which jurisdiction’s laws will govern the agreement.