FBI Background Check Apostille In Massachusetts

FBI Background Check Apostille In Massachusetts

Every day we receive requests from Bostonians who need to apostille their FBI Criminal Background Checks for study abroad, residency abroad, visas, or for a variety of other consular visa processing requests. However, very few customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire know how to get an apostille, also known as a Hague Apostille, or already have the required U.S Department of State apostille from the Federal Government.

I am recommending your company for all Federal Apostille services. I used a website last year that promised to expedite my report apostille then later discovered that they were gone and never filed for my service. This time, I made sure to hire Neighborhood Parcel, a physical location in Tewksbury MA where you actually can talk to a human being! They were knowledgeable, friendly and above all delivered my report weeks befire its initial due date! I am happy to give them 5-star review because the earned it. So be careful out there, so many websites are operating overseas and will leave you hanging!

Mayann Thompsen | Newton MA

Neighborhood Parcel is able to request FBI apostille services on your behalf; background check apostilles are often required in Spain, South Korea, Portugal (Portuguese Golden Visa), Israel, France, and Russia and often required in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, and other parts of Latin America. Our advice: when in doubt, order an FBI report apostille. If needed, we are able to translate your Background Check in only a few hours and return it by FedEx Overnight.

If you just need to know how to get an apostille for an FBI background check, we will explain the entire apostille process and all options in detail along with frequently asked questions regarding the FBI background check authentication process. Additionally, we are authorized to order a federal apostille on your behalf, if needed. Using our FBI report apostille services will expedite the entire process by ten to fourteen days on average. Please keep in mind that In 2022, post Covid-19, our average turnaround time has been 24 to 36 business days in total.

How To Order Apostille Of FBI Background Check

A hassle-free service you can trust to take this confusing process off your hands and for a fraction of the cost others charge! We are a locally owned and operated business located minutes from Boston MA and Nashua NH. We have over a decade of experience in helping local residents and businesses acquire all their State and Federal Apostilles. Call us today with any questions you may have: (978)424-4629.

We apostille hundreds of background checks every week. We will make sure your forms are filled correctly, go to the right government office, and that you get your documents back on time.

If you are planning on working, living, adopting, getting married, or obtaining dual citizenship in a foreign country, you will need to provide an Apostille on your FBI criminal background check.

Here are three easy steps to get your report:

Step 1:

Your first step is obtaining your FBI report or FBI background check.  Contact an FBI Approved Channeller.

Step 2:

The FBI Channeler will email you your background check results in PDF format. Please make sure to download and save the PDF file to your computer or phone.

Step 3:

You are now ready to place your FBI apostille service order with us and complete the payment online. Click Here