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Are you looking for a reliable life insurance policy and an agent you can trust in Tewksbury and Lowell MA? Look no further than Access Life Insurance on Main St in Tewksbury MA. They offer a wide variety of insurance products like Term, Whole Life, Mortgage Insurance, and Final Expense Life policies. Purchasing insurance from Access Life Insurance allows you to provide a safety net for your loved ones and family in case you pass away. A life insurance policy is a contract agreement stating that, as long as your premium is paid and the policy is in good standing when you die, your beneficiaries can receive a death benefit payout to be used however they like: for final expenses, paying off outstanding debt, and even everyday costs.

What is a life insurance policy?

Life insurance provides financial protection for you and your family in the event of your passing. Your beneficiaries will receive money to use as they see fit, ensuring security in a difficult time. Andover, Boston, Billerica, Dracut, Lowell, and Tewksbury MA area residents have trusted Access Life insurance agencies to handle all their insurance needs.

When should I get insurance?

Life insurance is a product that has evolved over the years and there are term policies with cashback options that will refund you 50 to 100% of the premium paid since day one! A win-win for your family! Anytime is a good time, but these life events are especially important.

  1. Life event change.
  2. If you were just married.
  3. You bought a new home.
  4. You’re expecting a new baby.
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Which policy is right for me?

Some financial advisors and experts recommend carrying a policy that’s 10 to 15 times your annual income if you can afford to do so. If you’re trying to decide between a term or permanent life policy, this guide can help you decide what policy terms you and your family need:

  • Consider a 5-year term if you’re just starting out with life insurance or you want to fill a temporary gap in coverage before getting a policy with a longer-term. (longer terms often leads to higher premiums)
  • Consider a 10-year term if you’re looking to supplement another policy, you’re close to retiring, or your finances are tight but you want to provide your family some protection in case you pass away.
  • Consider a 20-year term if you’ve started a family or plan to soon, to provide a financial safeguard for your children until their adults. This is the average term policy we sell.
  • Consider a 30-year term if you want to provide your loved ones with a safety net until you retire, or if you have a child with special needs who will rely on your care even after they become an adult. Also, if you have a mortgage, this may be the right option for you.
  • Consider a whole life policy such as whole life if you prefer coverage well into retirement, as well as the option to withdraw or borrow against your policy’s built-up cash value.

Coverage options begin at $5,000 and go up to $2 million or more. Generally, the younger and healthier you are, the cheaper the premiums.

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