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How To Shred Personal Documents On The Cheap

For old personal documents that are simply too much to shred using your office shredder, you should look into hiring a residential shredding company like Neighborhood Parcel. With over a decade of shredding residential documents, X-rays, and medical files, the company can securely discard your old files and offer some of the lowest shredding rates in the Boston area.

Residential shredding features

  • Locally Owned And Operated Business.
  • A+ BBB rating with the local Boston Office.
  • AAA Rated Shredding Facility.
  • HIPAA Compliant Service.
  • Certificate Of Destruction.
  • Lowest rates in Boson and Southern New Hampshire.
  • Drop-Off, Off-Site, and Witnessed Shredding Plans.
Document Shredding Boston MA

If you’re looking for document shredding in Boston, you’ve come to the right place. Shredding your paperwork is a great way to keep your identity safe from identity theft so that your personal information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. And with our HIPAA-compliant document disposal service, you can rest assured knowing that any medical files containing sensitive information are disposed of according to strict privacy standards. We offer document shredding in Boston in both office and residential workspaces.

We’ll take care of document shredding when it comes time for an office move or relocation—and we’ll even help out with recycling old computer parts, electronics, cell phones, paper documents, cardboard boxes, furniture, and other materials. The things you throw away are about to take on a whole new life as the raw materials are used to make things like carpet padding, soundproofing insulation for studio apartments, and even playground surfaces. We can’t wait to help you out with document shredding in Boston! Drop us a message now or give us a call at 978-636-0301.

How much does document shredding cost?

Residential document shredding is priced by the pound—the more papers you shred, the more money it costs. That’s why we offer flexible rates: there’s no need to sign a contract and our prices start at $0.89 per pound. Call us today and we’ll work with your schedule for document shredding. You can expect low pricing

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