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Rent a U.S Mailbox with Ease! Our U.S Mail Forwarding service is based on a dedicated and authentic U.S Street address Mailbox that is approved by the US Post Office. You can stay connected to your postal mail just as you do your voice mail and email today: you can get and manage postal mailbox from anywhere. Here’s How To Apply For U.S Mailbox Address. First, you apply to create a dedicated U.S address Mailbox, and have selected mail sent to that address. As a U.S mail Forwarding Agency, we receive your mail and parcel, notify you via email. You will then chose to have your mail and packages forwarded when you want and how you want.

International customers from Egypt, Africa,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Australia, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, France, Greece, Italy, Canada, U.K, Brazil, Chile, and American Expats worldwide can use our U.S Mailbox addresses to conduct business here in America. They can use the address to make online purchases from Amazon, eBay, Apple and Microsoft stores or receive IRS notices and open bank accounts in the U.S without leaving home.


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