Lunenburg Document Shredding Service

Lunenburg Document Shredding Service


Lunenburg MA Document Shredding Service Company is the solution to shredding all your old personal documents, tax records, and financial statements. Our company is making house calls and daily shredding service calls to help Lunenburg MA area residence shred and recycle their old personal files. Don’t let dumpster divers steal your identity and cause havoc on your credit history. We recommend that you call us today to schedule a service.

Shredding Service Company Above All

There are laws in place that require businesses to destroy specific paperwork that details certain personal information about their employees and customers. Our paper shredding services are the best solution to eliminating documents. Our shredders destroy the documents so they cannot be put back together. Since 2007, we have been securely shredding sensitive and confidential documents and recycling paper products for clients all over Worcester County. Our excellent customer service, secure and reliable document destruction services, and competitive, affordable rates have earned us hundreds of satisfied clients in a number of different industries.

Andover MA shredding

We invite everyone in Lunenburg MA to bring their documents to our facility in Tewksbury MA to be destroyed and receive a discounted price. Whether your documents are in boxes, plastic bags, or plastic containers, we will unload your vehicle and sort all your stuff into storage boxes to determine your price. We welcome all walk-ins to stay while we shred their documents so they can witness everything being destroyed before they leave our facility. We offer certificates of destruction as well to all drop-off customers if needed.

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1215 Main St, Tewksbury MA 01876


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