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Bruce Hilliard The Photographer

A graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and New England School of Photography, Bruce has been shooting professionally since the early 80’s. Working at traditional color labs in the late 70′ through the early 80’s (Boris and Harcourt color) Bruce has extensive experience in custom color printing, producing 4ft square color prints for Strawberries records. Bruce Hilliard has worked with many of Boston’s news, wire service, and entertainment publications, and has equally as much experience with corporate, commercial, and architectural photography, shooting in formats from 4×5 film to 35mm digital. Traveling to Europe, Greece, leading photo safaris all through Venezuela, and spending time in Haiti as well as other Carribean island countries, Bruce is a well-versed photojournalist, street shooter, and travel photographer.

Bruce Hilliard Photography

Over the past few decades, Bruce has photographed over 1000 weddings and special events, all over the United States, Bermuda, and Greece, as well as many more events for television, radio, hotel, and public relation firms. Bruce Hilliard owned and operated a 2,200 square foot commercial studio for more than 10 years in Boston, working with catalog, product and portrait clients.

Back in the 70’s Bruce spent many years as a scene painter, stage-hand, and lighting designer for the Boston theater and music scene. Remember The Rat and KKK Katies! The 2 new websites are still under construction, while up and running, and … photographs of some of the greatest musicians of our time, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, David Bowie, as well as some of Boston’s greats, Peter Wolf, Steven Tyler, and Martin Mull at the Jazz Workshop. This site is being designed as we speak!

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