When it comes to shipping your goods overseas, you will be facing multiple choices, which carrier is the most reliable, what service option to use, and who has the best shipping rates in the Boston MA area? You may be a small business expanding into international markets, the move will potentially make a big difference in your bottom line. To help you ship overseas with confidence and ease, let’s take a look at the major carriers’ international shipping services and their respective rates.

First, you need to know that not all carriers are the same, they have different networks and different delivery speeds. Each has its own tariff and you need to digest the terms of your shipment. Before we get started, one way to help streamline your international shipping operations and save money at the same time is to utilize an independent shipping center like Neighborhood Parcel of Tewksbury MA. The company allows customers to quickly and easily compare DHL, FedEx, UPS, and Post Office carrier rates, taking into consideration the specific weight, dimensions, and distance traveled by each package.

The independent shipping outlets do not pay franchise fees like the UPS Stores Or FedEx Office, their agreement does not include surcharging clients 7-10% for Royalty fees. So out of the gate, you will be saving up to 10% by simply walking into a Neighborhood Parcel Vs a UPS Store!

Best DHL Shipping Rates In Boston MA

By using Neighborhood Parcel pre-negotiated discounted DHL, FedEx, and UPS rates, you’ll get instant access to the best rates from USPS, UPS, and DHL Express. For DHL Express, Neighborhood Parcel offers even better rates than the ones listed online, however, we can’t share our rates publicly due to restrictions. To get started, let us provide you with a free international shipping service quote so you can decide for yourself and see why Neighborhood Parcel has been rated the NO.1 DHL Office In Boston, Lowell, Worcester, Lawrence, and the Merrimack Valley since 2007!

Best Option To Ship Packages Overseas: UPS vs. FedEx vs. DHL vs. USPS?

Neighborhood Parcel is equipped with the latest software technology to scan all carrier rates in seconds and offer the customer the best way to ship: Fastest and cheapest choices are compiled into one screen to help the customer decide. Let’s start our shipping rates comparison with a sample shipment to Cambodia and Iraq.  Cambodia is one of the most popular destinations including Iraq, China, Haiti, and Africa. We have helped thousands of customers trim their shipping cost by almost half by using our repackaging technics and sharing our decade of experience with them.

Envelopes and flats the U.S Post Office International Service is the cheapest option but the most unreliable carrier depending on the destination. We often hear horror stories of customers going to their Lowell Post Office and spend close to $100 on Express Mail to Kenya, Cambodia, or any developing country and promised 8 to 10 days delivery that turns into months! But for a little more money they could have used DHL and FedEx which are more reliable with a time-definite delivery date.

DHL remains the most reliable and the biggest courier worldwide and an airline with the highest number of Airplanes. It is however very pricy when compared with the alternatives! FedEx International Ground is a newer option for deliveries to Canada and Mexico. This is a great way to ship up to 150 pounds, so it’s an option for heavier packages as well. UPS Standard, which is economical ground delivery for less-urgent shipments to Mexico, and Canada, and does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.


Summary Of The Best Courier For International Shipping

Like we said in the beginning, the best courier for your shipment will depend on the destination, nature of your shipment and speed of delivery you require.

Fastest Delivery & Best Reliability:

DHL Express wins in this category but is the most expensive. They offer time definite delivery to Asia, Africa and Remote Areas of the world like the Islands, deserts and remote Parts of India “You get what you pay for”

Value For The Money:

FedEx is in the middle, they offer reliability and with their international ground service to Canada, Mexico, and their economic service, they can save you some money over DHL.

Cheapest Option To Ship:

The U.S Post Office is the winner but with the most unreliable service! Their Priority Express is the most reliable option but for few dollars more you can upgrade to FedEx or DHL! The post office seems to be less reliable in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East!

Neighborhood Parcel can help you ship your package using any of these couriers, they are not attached to one over the other, they want you to be happy with your choice, and can help direct you into selecting the best option for your budget! ger a Free Quote or Call (978)851-0199

Dominic Fulara – Dracut MA

I am writing to your DHL Office in Lowell MA, to thank the staff there for helping me ship my gifts and vitamins to my family in Kenya. They are always willing to help, very friendly, and always look for ways to save me money. I cannot say the same for the Post Office In Lowell, they lost my packages twice and refused to refund me the postage fees.

Nathasha Mcdurms – Andover MA

I read a lot of good reviews about your company and decided to give it a try, my shipment to India was delivered a day earlier via your DHL service, I could not be any happier when I hear the hippiness in my mom’s voice after receiving her vitamins and medication. So thank You Neighborhood Parcel for making this happen!