Looking to shred your old documents, X-ray, and Medical files? Is your personal shredder failing to meet your expectations? There is a better way! Neighborhood Parcel of Tewksbury MA is now offering a convenient and affordable way to safely discard your old personal files.

Since 2007, Neighborhood Parcel delivered quality service at the lowest possible rate. With a strong reputation for reliability and fair pricing, Neighborhood Parcel continued to grow in the Boston MA area, while the big brick and mortar chains were closing their retail locations!

Residential Shredding Service Near Boston MA

Bostonian and New Hampshire residents can take advantage of Neighborhood Parcel http://mydocumentshredding.com services by calling 978-636-0301 or requesting Off-site service at their doorstep. The choice will depend on the budget and volume. For small quantities, area residents often drop-off their documents for shredding at our convenient office location in Tewksbury MA.

Drop-Off Shredding Service Plan Features:

  • Lowest Rates in The Boston Area, starting 89¢ /Lbs.
  • No Minimums
  • No Appointments Necessary.
  • Weekend hours available by appointment only.
  • HIPAA Compliant.
  • 100% Recycling.
  • Witnessed Shredding Available. Click Here

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Off-Site Shredding Service

For larger quantity or added convenience, we can have our truck come to your location and haul away your documents, computer media, or medical x-rays for same-day shredding service at our AAA-certified plant. When deciding on off-site or on-site shredding, there are a few key points to consider. First, just to clarify, off-site shredding means that material is transported in locked, GPS-monitored trucks, usually in our locked containers, to our NAID-certified and AAA-rated secure shredding plant.  On-site is the same as mobile shredding where a truck comes to you, and the paper is shredded right there on the premises. There is a huge price hike between the two and that is why Neighborhood Parcel decided to simply focus on the Off-site shredding service and eliminate the mobile shredding due to the outrageous cost of the shredding trucks and their high maintenance cost that would have driven our cost of the roof!

Medical ShreddingCompany Above All

Boston Medical Firms and Hospitals know that Protecting the privacy of protected health information (PHI) and the security of medical records is a major priority for their practices. Because of the rising numbers and impact of identity theft and data breaches, but also because of laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) demand PHI protection and impose hefty fines for noncompliance. That is why Neighborhood Parcel can step up and help you avoid these fines and stay in compliance.

Boston, Cambridge, and Newton Massachusetts area hospitals, medical practices, and other businesses need to ensure they safeguard PHI files throughout its disposal and follow HIPAA-mandated requirements for the proper destruction of medical records. Call us today and let us deliver the HIPAA-compliant medical records shredding service you need!