Are you looking to apostille your marriage certificate? Often clients who wish to apply for visas or immigration status changes overseas are required to apostille their marriage and birth certificates. This way the document can be accepted at the international destination. The process can be confusing and time-consuming, that is why you should hire a local company such as Neighborhood Parcel in metro Boston MA.

Neighborhood Parcel Business Center can help you get your apostille from all 50 states including Massachusetts. The application process to get your birth certificate and marriage certificate apostilled can take 2 to 15 business days depending on the state you are requesting the apostille from, and the service plan you select. You can select Express service for around $200.00 where all the documents are rushed via FedEx and local agents for processing or defer to economy service for under $120.00 that will take a bit longer to process.

How To Apostille Marriage Certificate

Your first step is to locate your original certificate or request one from the town hall where you got married. Once you locate the marriage certificate, you can mail it to our office in Tewksbury MA, or stop by and hand-deliver it to our staff. Either way, the original document is needed for the apostille application. Once you deliver the document, you can let us know the service plan you wish to pay for and we will start the process often the same day.

Apostille Foreign Marriage Certificate

If you wish to Apostille or Legalize your international marriage certificate, then please call us (978)851-0199 or request a consultation through our Mobile Notary Portal. The process is a bit complicated but we are always willing to help you sort through the process. Your original marriage certificate needs to be at hand so we can start the process of acquiring an apostille for it. We have decades of experience in helping residents from Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, Rhod Island, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, Kentucky, Colorado and many more.

Dereck Lindon |Boston MA

I was looking for a location where I can gett my marriage certificate apostilled, I was confused and never heard of this process that was required for my Visa to Australia. I was happy to stumble on this article and made the call to Neighborhood Parcel who walked me through the process. Everything was delivered as promised and the rate was fair for the great service I received. I am happy to recommend them for any apostille or legalization in the Boston MA area.