advertising your small business

[title text=”Benefits of Advertising with BNBA:” size=”h2″ line=”yes” align=”left”]

While we cannot promise that you will be the next millionaire or that your website traffic will double overnight, sponsoring a banner with our Association is guaranteed to get your business noticed and stand out! Our website receives fresh daily traffic from local vendors and area residents who want to know a little more about their neighboring businesses before conducting a transaction.

Being a part of Boston North Business Association is the first step in gaining credibility within the business community, sponsoring an ad for as low as 50¢ / Day will make your business stand out. Advertise your website, service or simply offer a promotion for our site visitors to encourage them to visit you and do business.

[title text=”Features:” size=”h4″ line=”yes” align=”left”]

  • Increase Daily traffic to your website, our banners will link to your company website.
  • Gain Visibility: Show off your company logo, color ads, sales and promotions.
  • Promote your business.
  • Free Listing in our Yellow Pages for 1 year.
  • Your Ad will be listed on all our major pages.
  • We can design the ad to list your contents the way you want at no charge.

[title text=”Specifications:” size=”h4″ line=”yes” align=”left”]

  1. Ad size is 125 px X 125 px
  2. Format must be: png | JPG | GIF
  3. Can be emailed to:
  4. MUST be: Non Provocative, business oriented, clean, specific.