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Testimonials are intermediate word-of-mouth marketing, and they do work when credible. In fact they work very well indeed if you work hard to get the right kind of testimonial. They can provide the much-needed social proof that tips a wavering prospect into a supporting member.

It’s hard to sing your own praises, and it rarely works when you do. In a testimonial, you have a third party saying what you might not be able to. Effective testimonials avoid hyperbole and specifically address a potential sticking point that a prospect might arrive at.

We have been receiving verbal compliments about the Association since 1994, it is time to share the testimonial to rest of our audience. If you experienced success in connecting with new vendors and potential clients through our networking efforts, then we welcome you to share that experience with us. Click here to submit your testimonial.

What They Have To Say..

Hello Hanson and Sarah! I just wanted to thank you, both, for the terrific mixer last night at the Waterside Tap & Grille. The event was well-attended, the venue and the food was great and the conversation was exceptional. Personally, I would consider the event a true “mixer” as I found there was a good “mix” of people. I had the opportunity to chat with a painter, a plumber, an oil distributor in addition to the usual mix of business people. It was a very interesting evening. Looking forward to your next event. Have a great summer! Regards
Shelley Laurencio | DSI Marketing Sales
I recently attended a Speed Networking event in North Reading which my company sponsored. I had a blast and learned a great deal about the the local business community. The sum of participants was terrific and allow a great flow of information. I will definitely attend again

Rias Corrigan | Cohn & Dussi, LLC
Thanks Hanson: tonight was a nice event. I had a few leads, which is always good. I would like to be involved with your business of the month feature, and I will follow up with Rick. I will look into the B2B discounts as well. have a great holiday.

Paul Devoe | RTN Credit Union
Hi Hanson, I just wanted to say thank you so much for introducing to other members last night. What a great event and great people, would defiantly love to attend another one. I am in Lowell at least once a week, the next time would love to drop off a coffee just to say thank you. Have a great weekend and hopefully we will avoid the snow on Monday!

Zoe Hornsby | Mass Advantage Payroll
Hi Hanson, It was great meeting you last night! I’ll keep your information in my database and if my clients have any parcel shipping needs I’ll be sure to send them your way. Please let me know if you or if anyone you know ever has any financial questions or needs. I’m always happy to help. I hope you have a great day!

Denise Bloom | RMS Mortgage
I was reluctant about Business Networking back in 2006 when I joined the TBA, but soon after attending my second breakfast meeting I started to get leads and referral so it clearly works when you make the effort to show up and build trust. I may be biased by this Networking thing is the way to establish market presence and grow any small business. I am a proven test that it works

Hanson Bechat | Biz International Corp