Who We Are

Boston North Business Association (BNBA) is a 501C3 Non Profit Organization. A growing regional organization serving the Boston North Area Business communities. As a viable regional organization with a growing membership base, the Association continues to implement their purpose of promoting, networking and advocating for businesses in the Boston Massachusetts area. One of the most important roles a Business Association can play is bringing members of the business community together to unify them in order to help each other grow and build a stronger economy.

Founded in 1994, the Boston North Business Association (Aka Tewksbury Business Association) is composed of professionals doing business in Boston MA and surrounding towns,The Boson North Business Association (BNBA) seeks to connect individuals, managers, salespersons, and business owners in Boston North Area for the purposes of building solid relationships and passing qualified business referrals. We seek to bring together the most qualified, professional, and dedicated individuals within the respective industries of law, real estate, insurance, finance & accounting and all associated industries within that contact-sphere as well as service providers to those fields for the purpose of helping one another generate more business and expand our careers!

Mission Statement

Bring together members of the Boston North Business community to promote, network and advocate in order to create and build stronger business alliances.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rather simple and based on the idea of “Paying It Forward”, but other businesses ahead of yours, support other businesses and you will be amazed how much you will get back in loyalty and referrals.

The key to true business networking is the establishment of a mutually beneficial relationship, and that’s an incredibly rare event at the standard shake-hands-and-exchange-your-business-card events that are touted as business networking “opportunities”.

The purpose of business networking is to increase business revenue / Leads – one way or another. The thickening of the bottom line can be immediately apparent, as in developing a relationship with a new client, or develop over time, as in learning a new business skill. Our BNBA Association operates as exchanges of business information, ideas, and support. The most important skill for effective business networking is listening; focusing on how you can help the person you are listening to rather than on how he or she can help you is the first step to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship.